Banter with Samantha Appel.

In all honestly, my skin has NEVER been as good as it is at the moment. Even with the lack of sleep due to teething babies, or staying out dancing until 1am Samantha has constructed a FACE-PLAN for myself in preparation for my upcoming wedding.

I rarely wear makeup and the confidence boost having clear, radiant skin has given me is priceless. 

I've had a lot of people ask me about what products and treatments I use, so here it is straight from the horses mouth, plus she just too good not to share.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into the beauty industry in the first place, introduce yo self:

I started in the Beauty Industry 3 years ago after being in the corporate industry for 8 years. I previously worked in the Finance and Advertising field and I lost all motivation to continue on working in an office environment as it wasn't my passion. I threw in the towel in advertising and decided to study full time doing my beauty diploma. I didn't like the idea of doing traditional beauty treatments such as massage and painting nails, I wanted to go down the road of the more advanced skin treatments also known as dermal therapies. Treatments where you can notice a result instantly!!!
So I finished my diploma and landed a job straight in a skin clinic working as a skin and laser therapist. After working for somebody else for a year I decided I wanted to take the next step and start up my own business which is what I am doing now.. I have opened up a small business which caters mostly to people who are too busy to get into a salon or mothers (like Belinda) who have their hands full with little ones and like the convenience of a therapist coming to their house.

Most of the facial treatments I perform are much more comfortable for the client to have in their own house as they can appear red afterwards and would rather remain make up free after the treatment. I am 29 years old and feel like I have finally found my passion for work. I always have fun and a laugh with my clients and that's what it's all about. I love seeing the clients results and feedback from their treatments!

What are the most popular and beneficial treatments?


This is my favourite Anti-Ageing, Skin rejuvenating treatment. This
Treatment is what I have chosen to get Belindas skin ready for her wedding. We are doing 4-5 skin needling sessions one month apart until her wedding in November this year. This treatment uses a derma pen to stimulate your skin cells to repair and stimulate new elastin and collagen to repair damaged skin cells. It's ultimately tightens which decreases lines and wrinkles and improves all over skin texture. It is fantastic for also healing acne scarring and minimising pore size.


For smoother skin, left with less wrinkles and congestion. I use Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids. Now with these treatments your skin doesn't actually peel off. It's is a deep exfoliation. Leaves your skin absolutely glowing and dewy. A lot of girls choose this treatment to do a day or 2 before a big event. Recommended to do a peel once a month and for ultimate skin choose to do this treatment in between your skin needling sessions.


Improves texture and quality of skin. Fantastic for Dry, dull or rough skin. Reduces appearance of fine lines. *Masks available as well to add on. Recommended to do a micro once a month either after needling sessions have completed or in conjunction in between sessions.


Now did you want to run through what steps that I personally have been taking to make sure my skin is absolutely flawless for the upcoming wedding in December?


Since your wedding is in December we had 5 months to get your skin looking absolutely flawless.

What we have been doing to Belle is - One Skin Needling session per month up until her wedding. That's a total of 5 needling sessions to generate fresh new skin cells and tighten her collagen and elastin for the big day. In between sessions we have also been doing Microdermabrasions to help remove her old dead skin cells.


What is your absolute FAVOURITE, MUST-HAVE product?


My absolute favourite product is called 'Retrieve' cream. It's a Vitamin A based retinol. It's a prescription only cream that you need a script for (easily obtained from your local GP). I found it the best cream to reduce the visible signs of ageing on the face by reducing age spots and reducing fine wrinkles. This cream cannot be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding. (Perfect for belle to use for the lead up to her wedding)


What are the biggest NO-NO's ?


There are so many NO NOs! It's hard to know what is actually good. My best advise it to keep it relatively simply while you are young. By that I mean GO EASY ON THE BOTOX AND FILLER. By all means have it done every now and then but you don't want to have the "40-20" look as I refer to. Which is where you look 40 but your only 20! Lay off the cheek and eye fillers until mid 30s.
Also... WEAR SUNSCREEN. Pigment damage from your earlier years starts to show up in your late 20s. If you absolutely have to tan at the beach still.. wear a spf 30+ on your face.. you will still gain a tan. Minus the damage.

Not using the right moisturiser. Find the best suited moisturiser to your skin and use it twice a day. Hydration is crucial for anti ageing.

FINALLY look after your skin. Treat it once a month! As mentioned earlier, it's your biggest organ and people notice when your skin is radiating!

Samantha Appel ladies and gentlemen has just started her own small business, you can find her under @the_skinbar all services are mobile, which is a fantastic concept as having these treatments done in the comfort of your own home, especially treatments such as needling, as it's slightly unnerving to walk out of an appointment with a bright red shiny face and no makeup.

Sam services all areas of Sydney so contact her on 0401 570 146 to make an appointment or head to the_skinbar on Instagram.

Over and out.

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Belinda Bartholomew