Gotta care about your hair...

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So lately I’ve had a few people asking me how to keep long, coloured hair thick and healthy!

Obviously I’m NOT a hairdresser, and to be honest it’s only the last few years I’ve even started looking after my hair properly but I just thought I’d share a few of the things that I do, and the products I use regularly!

Serioxyl. This is a three step process formulated by hair care giants “L’oreal”, I was recommended by my hairdresser to try this just after I stopped breastfeeding and I started to notice my worst nightmare was coming true… I was losing my HAIR. The hair all around my face fell out/broke off (this is quite a common beautiful little gift from mother nature) to be honest I was really self conscious about this, and tried all sorts of things to cover it up, wearing hats, and using 2 cans of hairspray on tight pony tails. Nothing I did hid the missing hair, however using Serioxyl for about 2 months I noticed my hair was almost back to normal and I could pull it back without two cute little horns of hair poking out!

Olaplex. After complaining daily about my thinning hair I decided to go blonde for the fun of it. (I’m crazy like that) Probably not the best idea, however making sure my hairdresser was using Olaplex during the process (this is the same stuff KimmyK used to go platinum blond without turning into a bald badger) I now use the take-home treatment twice a week, sometimes I leave it in overnight/whilst I go to the gym to make sure it covers the whole hair and soaks right in. I’ve noticed NO breakage since using this.


Coconut oil. Kinda controversial topic with hairdressers..some love it, some hate it. Personal preference… I LOVE it! Here’s my favourite method of using it:

After either washing with shampoo/or just rinsing in water, scoop a small amount of coconut oil into the hands and rub together and warm up, starting from the ends working upwards I like to coat the entire hair/scalp with the coconut oil, and then using a scrunch or towel wrap it up and leave for 1-2 hours (or if overnight, make sure to swap pillowcases with an old one so it doesn’t seep into the pillowcase!) then I generally use two shampoo applications to make sure all the oil is out and follow with a deep conditioner! Each time I do this I am surprised by how much shine my hair instantly has. 

Ditch the hair ties. This potentially may be the best advice I’ve gotten lately. I, much to Carrie Bradshaws dismay am an avid SCRUNCHIE fan! Super gentle on hair, allowing you to tie up wet hair (a big NO NO with hair ties as the strands are so fragile) allowing you to sleep with hair pulled back, allowing you to not lose 10,000 hair ties a week, and allowing you to be utterly kinda fab. Velvet are my personal favourite as they’re even softer, and I always have one in my hair or on my wrist. You might even catch Olive sporting one too! 

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OTHER TIPS: Never brushing when wet, avoiding over styling with heat, only washing max twice a week!

Belinda Bartholomew