Banter with Lucy Washington

I gave Lucy Washington a quick grilling on what it's like being a beautiful woman with a voice to match. I was fortunate enough to meet Lucy in a 7/11 on Oxford Street at 3am after a Flight Facilities show. We chatted about her own band Yuma-X and what it's like touring and singing on Rufus' recent international tours...


Hi Lucy, tell us a bit about yourself

Hello Belinda Bartholomew- Walsh!

In a nutshell- I’m from the Northern Beaches, I’m 25 (still coming to terms with this number p.s) and I make up one half of an electronic duo called Yuma X. 

(I’m also your mate, but I think the first part is why I’m here talking to you.)


How did you first know you had a talent, and then turn that into something more than just belting out tunes in the shower?

I honestly can’t say I have one distinct memory where I went- “Hey- I can sing and I’d like to do this as a career.” I’ve always just thoroughly enjoyed music and becoming a musician has eventuated step by step from little things like piano lessons in primary school, to mucking around on guitar and then to meeting Jake (my incredibly talented bandmate) in high school. The whole process was very innocent and organic until about 3 years ago when we decided to try our hand at releasing some music. We put out an EP a year ago and we’re currently working on our debut album.


Career highlight thus far?

Tough one! Probably a tie between wrapping our first ever tour in our hometown at The Enmore as support for Rufus, or being on the other side of the world with people singing our lyrics.

It sounds simple, but in such a huge industry that is saturated with so many choices and a million songs at our fingertips thanks to the internet- its quite incredible to think that people take the time to listen to our music and that they’d spend money on coming to a show.

Where do you find inspiration from your music from?

Everywhere. Books, conversations, shows, films, experiences, relationships, friends. 


If you could open for any touring artist who would it be and why?

Olive Guerra on her Xylophone World Tour


Favourite karaoke/car ride songs?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Lets Dance by Bowie. 


Describe your music in three words

Husky, ambient, unique. 


Do you ever get nervous, and how do you deal with the nerves?

I actually don’t get nervous that often! I feel quite at peace when I’m out there playing.  Occasionally I’ll get worked up if we’re playing a new song but then I remember its new and nobody has heard it so there’s nothing to lose!!


Whats something about you many people don't know?

I’m an Australian citizen but I spent from age 12 until 17 living in Atlanta and LA.  


Any other hobbies or interests?

I wish I had a more interesting hobby, but I love a good old surf with some friends! 

I also make and sell jewellery which is a bit of fun and a nice creative outlet.

Heres our music   or 




Belinda Bartholomew