Much needed date night

A much needed date night. 

The past month has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions in our little house.

After a draining 12 weeks of morning sickness we were SO excited to see our newest addition to the family, and confront the mini person who had been making me feel so shithouse. Like most parents we were anxious to see that heartbeat and make sure everything was okay. The scan showed our little bubba kicking and swimming around, and we cried tears of joy.

However, when we sat down with the doctor we were absolutely rocked to be told our test results had come back as High Risk for Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome). I think the initial shock combined with the unknown is what was most frightening. We rushed in to get a more accurate test done which took a full seven days to get the results back.

Seven days that felt like a year.

I am an extremely emotional person who cries frequently over tv shows like Masterchef, so facing one of the biggest unknown and anxious weeks of my life was never going to be easy. In all honesty it was REALLY hard, and as much as I tried I could not stop over thinking about every aspect of what was happening. I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t comprehend that there might be something wrong with my little baby who I had just started feeling squirming around in my tummy and I already felt such a deep connection too.

After seven days we finally got the results we were praying night and day for. Everything was clear and there were no signs of any chromosomal abnormalities in our fetus.

To say we were ecstatic would be selling it short. We felt instant relief and I felt I could finally breathe again.

Yesterday we had a 16 week scan to confirm everything was okay, and there were no skeletal deformities. It was another anxious wait for this scan to just get that final big OKAY from the doctor and we got it. So last night our date night was very special. We got to celebrate being truly blessed with another healthy little baby.

I will never take for granted just how lucky we are to be healthy again. It also made me really think about all the families who go through similar scenarios but don’t receive any good news at the end.

I am also so grateful for my husband who like the gentle and beautiful man he is was so strong and cared for me when I could do nothing but cry for a full week. Aidan was patient and caring even when he would catch me googling things no one should be googling at 3am in the morning.  

Now all we have to do is keep this scare in mind when we have our newborn baby screaming down the house and remember just how lucky we are to have a newborn again! 

Belle x



Belinda Bartholomew