Why the hell are you selling scrunchies?

Why the hell are you selling scrunchies?!

 It wasn't until about 2 months after I stopped breastfeeding Olive I noticed I had started suffering from 'post partum' hair loss, which is essentially the estrogen levels taking a nosedive which leads to all that fabulous hair growth through pregnancy rapidly falling out.

I was going to the gym most mornings and wearing either a high pony, bun or top knot to keep my hair out of my face when my PT Aimee mentioned that she had recently been chatting with her hairdresser about why she had so much breakage around her hairline (which obviously I was suffering from majorly!) and she told me her hairdresser made her swear off using tight elastic bands and swap over to the simple scrunchie.

Aimee passed on this vital information and as I was desperate to prevent ANY more breakage I started scouring the entire eastern suburbs for scrunchies that were not only STRONG enough to hold all my hair but also something that didn't make me feel like I was at my year 6 athletics carnival. I realised if I had a few hours each day to search majority of my local shops and came up with next to nothing that was both practical and stylish that how on earth were most women who juggle full time work, multiple kids, and other commitments going to find anything for themselves to not only protect their hair from further breakage, but also look good in the process. The hunt was on. Many, many scrunchies were trialled over the months.

We tried all different materials, thicknesses, internal elastics and finally myself and my willing guinea pig friends settled on the ScrunchieO, which is a medium thickness, super luxe and soft velvet with a strong to super strong elastic hold. Myself and my girls can't take credit for the name however, Aidan gets all that credit. Combining 'scrunchie' and 'Olive' he's not only a pretty face. It wasn't an overnight process deciding on packaging either, which we decided to keep super homely and almost 'craft' like. Individually hand stamping each calico bag, imperfections becoming our idea of perfection, along with personal handwritten postcards and notes, it's something I take great pride in along with the actual product itself.

Thankyou so much to all the wonderful people out there who have bought, supported, encouraged and shared the love of ScrunchieO. Means the world to me. Hopefully we can continue to grow and expand, but for now I'm just one bloody proud mumma who appreciates everyone for helping making this tiny little business a major success in my eyes!

Belinda Bartholomew